First trip to London

On my first ever trip to London, I was going with nobody but myself. My goal was to visit some of the main attractions and to also shop in different areas. The problem is usually that shopping can get hard without a good amount of transportation to get to the main parts of the city. I decided to consistently find a person to help me get from one place to the next. A taxi goes a long way to help get you from one restaurant to your hotel.

I was kind of bored one night because I had nothing to do, so I decided to see if I could meet up with somebody to date. As a guy, I can get pretty bored. Without a girl by my side, I can get lonely. Some of the dating apps I have on my phone just didn’t have a good amount of girls for me to meet up with in London.

I decided to check out if there were any escorts I could find in London. I discovered this one agency that had countless London Escorts in their roster. It allowed for me to choose the escort I wanted, and anything I wanted in what she could do for me I could outline so that she would do it all for me. This London escort specifically was super fun and willing for anything.

I outlined I wanted a London escort who was attractive, sexy, and would be willing to do anything I wanted in the bedroom. She also had to be willing to enjoy doing anything publicly.

I met her at the restaurant, but since she knew what I looked like, she decided to get frisky right away. She put her hand on my shoulder, and then slowly put her fingers rolling down my back and slightly whispered in my ear that she was finally here. Her voice was so faint and quiet, but I knew what she was saying and she ever so discreetly put her hand in the back of my back pocket. She put her hands in my front pocket and tried to cop a feel for my dick, and she slowly felt the head and just took her hand out. We decided to ditch the restaurant, and so we went straight for the nice public park with almost nobody there.

The London escort was sexy, blonde, and had a fit body. She was beyond attractive, and she was ultimately very quiet in a sexy way. It seemed like all she wanted was to have sex, and this is something I was totally fine with. At the park, she quickly brought me behind a tree and took off my belt. She dropped my pants, felt my raging hard cock, and sucked me off right behind the tree. A hot girl passed by and slowly watched while another another guy from afar noticed what happened. My escort let me bang her eyes out right then and there even though others was watching it all.

We caught a taxi when we finished, and we decided to visit my hotel room. I slowly finished her off in the bedroom. She sucked me off again just one more time before she took her clothes and walked out. And we did all of this before I ever heard her name. It was the best experience I had in London with an escort. Her name Ana, believe me she is the best London escort you can find in town!

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